BZFlag 2.4

The name originates from "Battle Zone capture the Flag"
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BZFlag is an online multiplayer tank battle game. This game offers several options to enjoy a good tank battle in 3D, while the main objective is always to win flags when playing in teams. Some of these flags provide weapons, armor or any item that could be of help during the battle. This game allwos you to start your own server, for other players to play on your server, where it creates a new world in a nice graphic resolution. It is possible to set the maximum number of players for the game and even many other rules of the battle like the maximum number of shots, allow jumping, ricochets and more.

There are several available servers to play - they can be found by choosing the 'Find Server' option, wherein a list of all servers available will be displayed. For each server, the program can display the current number of players and the maximum available, the maximum number of shots allowed, the flags available and all the features enabled on that server. Once a server is chosen, you need to set up your Callsign (name) and a password. After performing these steps you may connect to the server and play. The information about controls is available at the help option.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Nice graphics and excellent performance
  • Offers you to start your own server


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